Sep 23 2012

Managing a Fleet is Much More Than GPS Fleet Tracking

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When people think of managing a fleet, they often are going to think of GPS fleet tracking. But there is more involved.  Here are two things that a fleet manager should keep an eye on with regards to maintenance for fleet vehicles.


A really good measure of your maintenance program’s efficiency is the amount of touches the technicians have on one vehicle. For instance, you might have one vehicle that’s scheduled to get preventative maintenance four times annually but you’ve discovered that it was pulled in to be serviced eight times.  That’s the original four times and another four times for other services like government-required emissions and safety inspections.  If you had scheduled properly, these inspections could have been done at the same time as other preventative maintenance.  When the technician’s touching a vehicle, it’s costing the company money and can represent some downtime.  Usually, each vehicle touch is going to take at least one labor hour.

Figure out if you can predict maintence better. Use the records in order to calculate the average service time for your fleet for different components. This is going to help you know when they should be proactively replaced.  If you discover that a certain alternator on a certain vehicle is failing at around 90,0000 miles, you can schedule your maintenance based on this information. This can help eliminate costly downtime.

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