Mar 01 2012

Elements to Consider During Landing Page Design

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When many businesses develop a pay-per-click advertising campaign, they spend lots of time developing the text and look of the actual ad. However, they often forget to spend time developing one of the most important elements to their PPC campaign – the landing page. This is the site that potential customers will be directed to after they click on an ad. Having the right landing page can make a major difference between a campaign succeeding and failing.

If you are developing a PPC campaign, it’s important to know how to come up with the best landing page. Here’s a look at a few of the tips that top landing page design service developers use for to come up with landing pages for their top customers:

Call to Action: When someone comes to your landing page, you want them to clearly understand why they are on the page and what you want them to do. This “call to action” could be to purchase a product, register for more information or sign up for a newsletter. You want the call to action to “pop” from the page and be at the very top.

Graphics and Images: The colors and images you use on your landing page design will play a major role in how it is perceived by your customers. Certain color schemes and images are more aggressive than others and may or may not be appropriate based on what the landing page is designed to accomplish.

Keywords: Targeting the right keywords is critical in order for your page to rank highly with search engines. Make sure you tie the SEO keywords you targeted during your PPC campaign in your landing page copy.

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